The Most Powerful, Most Advanced
Pepper Defense Technology Available

The JPX Jet Protector is currently the most modern delivery system for liquid irritant agents. Compared to conventional pepper sprays or Conducted Energy Weapons (CEW/ electroshockers), the Piexon delivery technology has made a quantum leap. The advantages: no loss of pressure, no susceptibility
to changing weather and temperatures, no shaking prior to use, a very high muzzle velocity, higher range and high accuracy.

With its pistol form and open sights, precise shooting is possible – with a jet diameter of 1 ft at a distance of 16 ft (0,35 m @ 5 m).The shooting function of the device does not depend on an electrical power source, which makes the JPX extremely reliable, even in wet conditions. Something good to know: despite superior temporary disabling effects, the health of the assailant is not affected in the long term. Use in closed rooms is also possible with the concentrated jet.

State-of-the-art technology. Maximum power.